Occupational Medicine Center of Tuscarawas County

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We offer the following services at our office location:

  • DOT physicals by certified DOT examiners
  • Pre-employment physicals (non-DOT)
  • Acute Injury Care including lacerations and chemical exposure
  • BWC certified providers
  • Drug Screening
    • Certified Medical Review Officer services including certification of results according to the DOT protocol
    • Certified collectors
    • Hair drug screening
    • Instant urine drug testing
    • Breath Alcohol testing
    • DOT and non-DOT random drug and alcohol pool
  • Specialty Examinations
    • Return to Work examinations
    • Fit for Duty examinations
    • Independent Medical Examinations
    • Workers Compensation disability examinations
  • Company Physician Services Available
  • OSHA Compliance Services
    • Bloodborne pathogen education
    • Written program
    • Post-exposure follow-up
    • Immunization
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Respirator Testing
    • Medical Clearance for respirator use
    • Fit Testing: Quantitative and Qualitative
    • Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Medical Surveillance for Hazardous Materials